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  Reach your clients efficiently and effectively using our platform builder  

  Whatever your product may be, our technology allows you to create your  
  platform, your way.  

Create and build your own trade process...


You can personalise and tailor your brokerage to represent your business. Add your own logo, amend the colours of your board and then begin to build your content.

You can customise what you offer to your clients: 

  • products

  • underlyings

  • maturities

  • email confirmation recaps 


Adaptable and customisable to suit your business needs, whatever it may be that you trade, coal, FX, energy, commodities, spot etc. 


Your platform can provide the perfect environment for your clients to stream prices, negotiate and agree details.


With our flexible technology, you can create as you go and amend when you need to. 


Your platform, your way.

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