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Customise each aspect of your platform to suit the needs of your
business and your customers.
Whatever your product is, we have the tools to help you.
Take a look at some of the options below:  

 Your brokerage visuals:

  • Your brokerage name

  • Add your logo

  • Choose your colours

  • Edit your mail footer

  • Edit your terms of service

Specify any number of custom product details e.g.:

  • Product name

  • Physical/Financial specs

  • Comments box

  • Colour of this product on your board

  • Choose number of maturities

  • Specify what is visible on your board and how, if applicable, negotiations will work. 

  • And more...

Amend and add at any time!


Specify any number of underlying details e.g.:

  • Underlying name

  • Location

  • Currency

  • Quantity unit

  • Minimum and maximum quantities

  • Try for more size ​

  • And more...


Add as many underlyings as you require, at any time.

Create your trading platform in a matter of minutes.
Watch this demo video showing how quick we created
a brokerage, product and underlying with all the settings
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